Tracking the Triple Billion targets

Universal Health Coverage

One billion more people benefiting from Universal Health Coverage, monitored on two dimensions (coverage of essential health services and financial hardship) and tracked via 15 indicators.

Health Emergencies Protection

One billion more people better protected from health emergencies, tracked via six indicators.

Healthier Populations

One billion more people enjoying better health and well-being, tracked via 16 SDG indicators.

Note about Triple Billion target projections

  • The Triple Billion projections are based on the commitment that the world will continue to make significant progress on every indicator.
  • The projections do not currently take into account the potential impacts of COVID-19. This will be incorporated in future updates.
  • Projections use the latest available data and will be updated regularly as new data becomes available.
  • Statistical methods are used to estimate values for indicators where data is currently incomplete, and are based on historical trends.
  • WHO will continue to work with Member States to strengthen their data and health information systems to fill data gaps.
  • For alternative projections (which exclude indicators where data is currently not available) for the Triple Billion targets click here.